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Important Announcements

  DCMS National Junior Beta Club Officers for 2017 - 2018:

President - Sarah Grace Melton

Vice President - Amy Ba

Secretary - Emily Smith

Historian - Kaylee Camarda

Treasurer - Noah Naylor

Recreational Leader - Ella Abadie

Reporter - Kyleigh Herring


Dates to Remember



General Meeting Dates - Second Wednesday of each month in the library from 7:15am-7:50am (unless noted):


*******MEETING DATES*******

  • September 13th - First meeting and Officers will be elected
  • September  20th - meeting to discuss and plan Induction
  • October 24th - Induction Ceremony (6 pm)
  • November 8th - general meeting
  • December 13th - general meeting
  • January 10th - general meeting
  • February 7th - general meeting (TAKE NOTE OF THIS DATE!!!) 
  • March - There will be no physical meeting. ONLY a paper "meeting".
  • April 11th - general meeting
  • April 30th - Beta Service Hours Sheets are due! Must have 15!
  • May- TBD- End of the Year Party / Field Trip


Dates and Times are Subject to Small Changes – Sign up for the Remind (sign up information will be given at the first meeting) and check each month for updates! Meetings will always be over by 7:50am so that you can make it to class on time.


 If there is ever a time you are unable to make a meeting, an event, or need to make changes to something you’ve signed up for, it is your responsibility to tell Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Holley, or Ms. Underwood BEFORE the event. If you already know that anything on this calendar is going to conflict with previously scheduled obligations, email Mrs. Davis ( so accommodations can be made.



Service Project Info:

Service Hour Opportunities offered at this time:


Members were given handouts at the February meeting that outlines all of the service opportunities available for the rest of the year. This sheet is also posted on the Beta board if you need to see it. 



See one of our sponsors if you have any service project ideas or questions concerning how many hours can be obtained from a project (max of 2).