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Bailey, Katherine EL Teacher
Baker, Lindsey 8th Grade Pre - AP Language Arts
Barnes, Rachel 7th Grade Language Arts
Berryhill, Benjamin 6th & 7th Grade PE
Brinkley, Morgan 8th Grade Language Arts
Brodie, Tamara
Brown, Nic PE / Football
Butler, Tracey 7th Grade History
Caster, Maureen 6th Grade SPED Inclusion
Chandler, Chrissy 6th Grade Language Arts
Cocke, Angela 7th Grade Language Arts
Coleman, Kecia PE
Collard, Jennifer 8th Grade Science/Volleyball
Comans, James 8th Grade Science
Cooper, Blake
Davis, Cynthia Special Services
Downs, Kelsey Language Arts
Downs, Tammy
Drummond, Michele Special Education 8th Grade
Dunavent, Julie 7th Grade History
Eldred, Lacy Interventionist/STC
Embrey, Michael 7th Science/8th History and Boy Soccer
Gambill, Amanda 7th Grade Counselor
Glenn, Mallory 6th Grade Counselor
Grammer, Julia 8th Grade Special Education
Haley, Holli 6th Grade Language Arts
Harper, Jessica 6th Grade Math
Harris, Sarah 8th Grade Language Arts
Hart, Tyler Band Director
Heilman, Deanna ALC
Hembruch, Jocelyn Asst. Band Director
Hendrix, Amanda 7th Inclusion/SPED
Herron, Joseph Special Education
Hodges, Jennifer 6th Grade Math
Holley, Angela 7th. Grade Language Arts
Holliday, Kellie 6th Grade Special Education
Holmes, Lorrie 7th Grade English Language Arts
Houston, Carol Technology Foundations / Webmaster
Howard, Tamara Special Education
Hughes, Jessica 7th grade Science
Hunsucker, Kimberly Choir
Hunt, Wendy 6th Grade Gifted
Hunter-Yow, Jeri 7th Grade Math
Ingle, Jerry 7th SPED
Jenne, Rachel 6th Grade Math
Kirk, Shannon 8th Grade Language Arts
Knoll, Rita Sped Assistant
Kruger, Samantha Math
Ladnier, Ann 8th Grade Science
Lancaster, Kristen 6th Grade Language Arts
Mason, Courtney 7th Grade Math
Mayo, Amanda Community Based Class
McDaniel, Kimberley Gifted
Melton, Amber Special Education (MET Chair)
Moore, Kissandra 8th Grade History
Moore, Melissa 6th Grade Language Arts
Noble, Lea 6th grade History/Science
Nowell, Alicia 7th Grade History
Omeliantschuk, Erin 7th Grade SPED
Pearson, Corrie 8th Grade Math
Peavey, Holly 8th Grade Math
Preston, Jennifer 6th Grade English
Purvis, Lisa 8th Grade Math
Roberts, Maria 8th Grade Math Teacher
Shinault, Joy Special Education
Snell, Courtney 6th Read 180
Stark, Caitlin 7th Grade Math
Stewart, Rosanne 7th Grade Language Arts
Stiles, Craig Basketball Coach / PE
Stone, Meagan 7th Grade Math
Sweeting, Janet 6th grade Science/ Social Studies
Tigner, Jessica 6th Grade Math
Turman, Shelby 8th Grade Math
Turner, Faye 6th Grade Science/Social Studies
Tutor, Megan 6th Grade History / Science
Underwood, Donna 8th Grade Language Arts
VanZandt, Laurel 8th Grade Counselor
Warren, Zachary 8th Grade Math
Wells, Katrina 8th Grade Language Arts
Westcot, Candice 7th Grade Language Arts
Whiteside, Gayle 6th Grade Language Arts
Wolf, Andy 8th Grade History
Wolfe, Janet 7th Science