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7th Grade Science


Hi..My name is Janet Wolfe and I am a 7th grade Science teacher here at Desoto Central Middle School.  This will be my 7th year to teach 7th grade and I am really excited about it.

I really LOVE teaching Science!!  This never fails to amaze me, since I had NO intentions of EVER becoming a teacher when I entered college.  I was adamant that I would NOT be a teacher.  My mother and grandmother were both teachers and I was convinced they had the worst jobs ever.  I entered college and majored in Biology and Chemistry.  I had dreams of being a Marine Biologist (it would have been really cool), or a doctor (ha) or vet or something along those lines.  I really loved Science and took as many classes as I could.

My second year in school, I met my husband.  Actually, I did not really "meet" him since we had known each other since the 8th grade and went to the same church each weekend, but we started to date during my 2nd year of college.  It was not long after we began dating that my priorities began to change.  I knew I wanted to be married and have children and teaching began to look more attractive.

My first child was born in 1996.  Her name is Hannah and she will be a senior at Ole Miss this year.  My second child was born in 1999.  His name is David and he started college this fall also.  I have now been married over 23 years.  My husband's name is Matt and he is a civil engineer with a firm in Memphis. 

I love teaching and would not trade it for anything.  I know I made the right decisions when it came to choosing a career.  The students are wonderful and I enjoy coming to work each day.