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  I am a graduate of MS State University


           I have a daughter that is a freshman at MS State University as of August 2018. 


 I also completed my gifted certification from

The University of MS.


I began teaching at the young age of 21.  My first twelve 1/2 years of teaching were spent in TN.  However, after my four children were born and began school, I decided that I would like to teach at the same school where they would be attending.

My first year in DeSoto County was spent at Lewisburg Elementary School teaching fourth grade.  After that first year, I luckily got a job at Pleasant Hill Elementary.

Pleasant Hill Elementary School is the elementary school that all four of my children attended and loved! I taught fifth grade at Pleasant Hill for ten years, and I taught third grade at Pleasant Hill for one year.

Well, my children's elementary years went by quickly.

I actually thought that I might enjoy going to and from work alone for a few years.  Ha! I made it one year by myself.

I was thrilled when I found out that there was a spotlight teaching position at D.C.M.S. I prayed about the job change, I interviewed, and I prayed some more. So, Here I AM!  I am very HAPPY! :)

God is good all the time! 

  I am so excited to be here at DeSoto Central Middle School!

I consider myself to be very fortunate.  I love my job! I get to do what I enjoy doing everyday, and that is teaching children.  I also am lucky enough to get to spend more time with my own children, and I believe that that is an answered prayer.

I am also one of the CHEER Sponsors for the 7th and 8th grade Cheerleaders here at DeSoto Central Middle School, and I am the Speech and Debate Coach for 6th- 8th graders.

                                     1 Peter 5:7



My BIO poem:


First Born daughter of three girls, Mom to four, friend to many, teacher to middle-schoolers.

Mom of Drew, Leigh-Kathryn, Addison, & Alex

Who enjoys lazy summer days at a pool, boating at PickWick and the ocean, spending time with those I love doing whatever, and watching all children learn new and exciting things ...

Who loves watching my children do what they love, the MS State Bulldogs, and yummy seafood, crawfish, and sushi...

Who feels happy when surrounded by those I love, stressed when I'm late, and excited when I don't have to set an alarm or be on a strict schedule...

Who would like to watch all my children grow up to be healthy and happy, like to live on a beach one day, and like to win the lottery. :)