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Lisa Purvis Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
8th Grade Math


I received my degree from the University of Mississippi.

My Mission Statement

It is my mission to educate my students in a way that will not only provide them with knowledge but also empower them.  Through diverse methods, strategies, and educational opportunities students will learn the skills needed to achieve their goals. I will provide a learning environment that will promote the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs of every child.  In order to help all students realize their full potential I will encourage critical thinking, peer support, an exchange of ideas, and serious reflection, in order to produce independent thinkers and dynamic members of society.

"We only have what we give. It's by giving of ourselves that we become rich."                     Isabel Allende (1941- ) Chilean-American Novelist


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”                                           Oliver Windell Holmes

  Hello!  I am MeLissa Purvis.  However, all of my family and friends call me Lisa.  I received my degree in Education from the University of Mississippi.  I had the pleasure of spending 23 years in the banking and finance industry prior to my decision to change careers and become an educator.  Since making the life changing decision in 2008 I have found that the achievements I desire and hope to accomplish in this career far exceed any that I ever experienced in the past.  Andre Carnegie once said, “Think of yourself as on the threshold of unparalleled success.  A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you.  Achieve! Achieve!”   
I intend to continue doing just that in the years to come.
     I was born in Georgia and blessed with the fortune and opportunity of living in Japan and Germany while my father was an officer in the army.  I graduated from Lawrence D. Bell high school in Bedford, Texas, in 1982, and started college.  Marriage, starting a family, and work brought me to the Memphis area in 1986.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband, five children, and four precious grand babies.  We enjoy spending time with our family, time at our farm, traveling, college football, and especially time with our grand babies.  I love the outdoors and swimming, love  to cook, am pretty good with a paint brush (walls not portraits), enjoy sewing and crochet, and love to watch movies.  Most of all, I love children and strive to help them achieve their goals and be the best they can be, both academically and in life.