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Subjects Taught
8th Grade Math, 8th Grade Pre Algebra


I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education, and a Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis in Math and Science. I am a certified CPM Teacher Leader and lead workshops to train other teachers about the CPM textbook. I currently hold class AA endorsements in Elementary Education (K-6), Mathematics (7-12), General Science (7-12), and English (7-12) in the state of Mississippi.


Welcome to 8th Grade Math!

About Me

I grew up in Belleville, Illinois just outside of St. Louis.  I moved to Mississippi in 2007 to attend the University of Mississippi.  I have been married to my lovely wife since May 2014, and we welcomed our first child, a daughter, in July 2015. This is my sixth year at DeSoto Central Middle School, and I am excited to be a jaguar! I am eager to start the 2017 - 2018 school year!

Philosophy of Education

I believe that effective teachers not only instruct the students in their classrooms but are also enablers and provide opportunities for the students to succeed for the rest of their lives.  I believe in tutoring students one on one and have experience leading individualized instruction.

I believe every moment provides opportunities to learn.  I believe in utilizing teachable moments as often as possible in my lessons.  From my experience, these moments often come from my students' questions about daily life, current events in the news and pop culture, and from encountering real world problems. I often use anonymous student mistakes in my math class, as research has shown that our brains grow first when a mistake is made and grow again when a mistake is identified and corrected.

I have also been influenced by Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck and the research she has done on the Growth and Fixed Mindsets. Her work has been sumarized in her 2007 book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Jo Boaler, a Stanford University Professor of Mathematics and founder of, has also influenced my emphasis of the growth mindset in the mathematics classroom. Her theories of using mistakes to train the brain to grow and learn are echoed in my classroom. Please click here to watch Jo Boaler summarize this theory.

I believe that mathematics is best taught in a cooperative learning environment. From my experiences, an effective math classroom is not one with typical rote style teaching and memorization, but one that is interactive and uses exploratory learning on performance based tasks in a collaborative working environment. I strive to teach mathematics by teaching a balance between problem solving and beginning understandings with real world applications.


If you have questions or concerns, my email address is

It's a great day to be a Jag!