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Calendar Project  


Rough Draft Due - Sept 26

Final Project Due - Sept 28

All instructions and examples have been uploaded to the powerpoints and test review tab!

I am providing the poster that this must be completed on. If a student messes up that poster they must purchase their own.

Welcome back!  

WELCOME BACK! I am ready for another GREAT year!

8th Grade Math Parent Guide  

An electronic version of the parent guide can now be found by clicking here.

The parent guide is an excellent resource for practice problems and for working problems similar to how they are seen in the CPM lessons. It gives notes and sample problems for each chapter. I highly encourage parents to look at this if your student is struggling with any of the topics covered in class and would like more practice.

Announcement Image for 8th Grade Math Parent Guide

Parent help!!!!  

Click for to access parent help!!!!

parent help

Here you will find different handouts and information to help you understand Common Core and our new CPM textbook! 

Announcement Image for Parent help!!!!