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"Remind" Notifications  

PARENTS, Please sign up to receive the "Remind" text messages or emails.  It's the BEST way to know what's going on and what things are needed for your student.  Click on the tab "Sign Up for Remind" to get the instructions.

Communication is imparative to students success!

Home Work  

Students, please make sure you do your home work each day.  It's the easiest A you could possibly make! 




Students, please organize your binder so you can find what you need quickly.  You should have section dividers which seperate each subject: Math, English, Science, & Social Studies.  Your MATH section needs to be divided with the headings of "Bell work", "Notes", "Home Work",  and "Class work". 

ORGANIZATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS!!!!  If it would help you to be more organized, use a Composition Note Book for your Bellwork.  I am happy to provide colored paper to seperate sections in your note book to help you stay more organized.


Students, it's very important that you not waste time between classes.  Plan ahead!  Know what you are going to need for your next class so you will be prepared. 

Please be careful not to block your classmates from their lockers while you are getting in yours.  Likewise, be careful not to drop all your things on the floor while you are in your locker, which prevents others from getting into theirs.

We all have to work together to help each other so everyone can get to their next class on time.