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Online Math Textbook  

CPM Main site

This is the main page for CPM. You can access student and parent support without signing in to the actual CPM website.

If you do not have your textbook or your login information doesn't work you can access the homework through this link. You look under Textbook Resources at the top of the page, and select our book (Core Connections Course 2). Then on the left, click on Homework Help under the Student/Teacher section. You will select the chapter and lesson that you are working on to see the problems.

Remind 101  

Please add my Remind 101! This is a great way to keep up with all things in Ms. Stone's math class!

For Compacted Math 2-3 and 5-6 period:

Text @stonecomp to 81010


For Math 7   7-8 period:

Text @mathstone to 81010


Parent Newsletter  

Dear Parents/Guardians,                                                                                                        




            I am very excited for the upcoming school year! I would like this to be a great year in math for your son or daughter.Every year more mathematics is needed to be successful in nearly every job or profession. The skills learned this year will be part of your child’s preparation for college and career readiness. This year our district will begin implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM). These standards are broken up into two categories; the practice standards and the content standards. The eight Mathematical Practice Standards are “HOW” students demonstrate their understanding and the Content Specific Standards are “WHAT” mathematical concepts and procedures students will be learning. If you would like more information regarding the Common Core State Standards, please visit




            The curriculum that we are using is called College Preparatory Mathematics. Go to for more information. There is a parent section where you will find information about the design of the course, its research base, Parent Guides, Homework Help and much more. The classes are structured to actively involve every student in the process of learning mathematics. The problem-based lessons provide a balance of basic skills, conceptual understanding, and problem solving strategies. Each lesson has a mathematical objective and focuses on one or more of the mathematical practices. Homework (the “Review and Preview” sections) practice ideas from the current chapter and previous topics, but spread the practice over several days and weeks so that students have time to become proficient with ideas and skills. The course contains all of the content and practice standards that CCSSM requires, which in turn will be reflected in the new Common Core Assessments.




            The most successful students are those who take responsibility for progress with their learning. Help your child build her/his self-motivation and develop good study habits, such as promptly doing homework, studying for tests/quizzes, taking notes during class, and constantly reviewing the course material. Encourage you child to ask for help if he/she is having difficulty. Read the “Note to Students” together. It follows the table of contents in the textbook.




            Parents and the family are an integral part in the success of a student’s education. I appreciate the time and support you will be giving to your student this year. I look forward to working with you and your child towards his/her academic success and personal growth. I hope to meet you at Back to School Night.





Ms. Stone