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Week of Feb. 12- Feb.16  

This week we will continue our unit on Anatomy of the Constitution and You've Got rights.

In Science, we are starting our universe unit.

Week of Jan.29- Feb. 2  

The following websites will help with this weeks quiz and test:

Science test review-

Preamble Song-

Week of 12-11 through 12-15  

Students will be testing this week for the semester. They have study guides for each subject and should be studying nightly!

Week of 11-6 through 11-10  

Science- Finishing unit on Ecology; test Thursday 11/9/16

Social Studies- Foundations of Gov't; Quiz 11/10/16

Week of October 30th - Nov3rd  

Science- We will finish up the Biome Mural Project. We wil also cover food chains, food webs, and symbiotic realtionships.


Social Studies- We wil start a unit on the foundations of government.

Week of October 23-27,2017  

Science- We are getting close to finishing our unit on Ecology. This week we will work with food chain, food web, and biomes. The students will have a Biome Mural Project that they will complete in groups at school with the teacher assistance.


Social Studies- We are finishing our unit on maps and the states. This week we will be moving on to learning about the foundations of government.

Week of October 16th- 20th  

Social Studies- We are working on maps and the states- being able to identify the location of each on a map.

Science- Learning about Ecology and the levels of organizations.


The following websites will help you practice for the  test on labeling the states.

Interactive Games for 50 States Quiz

Week of October 10th-13th  

Science- Students will be learning about biotic and abiotic factors as they relate to ecosystems.


Social Studies- The students will be working on an Island Map project in pairs. They will receive it on Wednesday when I return. I am out at a Science training on October 10,2017.

9 Weeks Test  

This week is 9 weeks test. For my class test will be Tuesday and Thursday. Please check the Remind for the study guides if needed. They will take Science on Tuesday 10-3-17 and Social Studies on 10-5-17.