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Jocelyn Hembruch Staff Photo

Supply List 

1. All students need a proper working instrument. If the instrument has been in the case all summer, be sure to get it out and check that all slides, valves, and keys move like they should before Monday, August 7th. We are going to hit the ground running with the 7th and 8th grade bands and we don't want anyone to fall behind due to a faulty instrument.

If you are a 6th grader that bought an instrument somewhere other than Amro, or is a hand-me-down, feel free to bring it in and I will be happy to look at it to see if it needs repair.

Make sure your name is on your instrument!

2. The assigned band book for your grade

3. Pencils, NO PENS!!!

4. Binder with sheet protectors, lined paper, and dividers

5. Note Cards, highlighters, pencil pouch

6. A positive attitude ready for learning!