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4th 9 Weeks


Essential Question:  How do life experiences guide our decisions?


We are reading for our literature circles this nine weeks.  A student can't take a book home since we only have a classroom set.  If a student is a slower reader or doesn't understand what they have read, it would probably be a good idea for them to buy or borrow a book for them to read at home.


The students need be writing down quotes used throughout the book.  They should specifically be looking for quotes about theme, characterization, plot, and things that stood out to them.


Dates to remember:


5/3 and 5/4 - ELA Test

1st AR test - 4/13

2nd AR test - 5/11 - REVISED 5/10/18

Book in Quotes project - 5/11/18 - REVISED 5/10/18


Progress reports go home on 4/20/18


Tentative dates for state testing:

5/11-5/15  for ELA and writing tests


5/22 and 5/23 are 60% days for students.  This will only change if we  have to cancel school for the remainder of the year.  The last day of school for the students will be 5/23/18


Awards day - 5/22/18

Field Day - 5/21/18