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What are we doing this week? 


Week of Feb. 19th.

Writing test on Monday; report to the B-hall computer lab.  

Library day on Thursday


Week of Feb. 26th.

Students will take the Case 21 tests in English (Tuesday) and Math (Wednesday) this week.

Thursday:  Book Fair shopping day;   Parent Book Fair night (5:00-7:00 PM).   Students can earn 10 extra credit points by attending and purchasing a book during this event.  If you cannot attend the parent night, you can complete the following assignment for extra credit:  Read the Afterword in the Anne Frank book (pages 269-283).  Part One:Write a two paragraph summary of the information within the Afterword.  Part Two:  List five facts from the Afterword.  Part Three:  List five questions about Anne Frank or the Holocaust that were not addressed within the text. 


If students are interested in researching the Holocaust.  Use this site:







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