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Ms.  Donna  Underwood
7th Grade English & 7th Grade Pre-AP English
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Intro to Donna`s room 

Please feel free to e mail (, so we can keep on top of your child's academic success.

Here are a few things I would like you to know about the work done in my room. Most of what we do is done in the classroom. Bell work is done every day, and I walk around and check it as they do it.  We will do writing in the 1 inch binder they keep in the room. When the students have a formal paper to turn in, it will need to be typed. We will be reading several novels, news articles, poems, and short stories this year. It is a good idea to purchase the novels we will be reading due to absences or poor comprehension, so no one gets behind. 

Home work will be counted for accuracy and the questions must be marked up how I have shown them.

Thank you for all your help in ensuring your child's success.


PLEASE USE THE CALENDAR FOR ALL WORK ASSIGNED!!!  I love it!!  Plus parent portal!!! If you don't have it, I encourage you to come sign up for it!