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 Welcome to my science class this year!

This website will have everything you should need for the year!.


Inheritance test will be Friday Sept. 21

Study Guide:

  • All vocab words from sections 1 and 2 of chapter 2
  • Punnett squares- how to work them from word problems
  • Gregor Mendel- who is he, and what did he do?
  • Pedigrees- dominant versus recessive; sex-linked versus autosomal
    • how to number them
    • how to use them
  • Homozygous (purebred) versus Heterozygous (hybrid)
  • Mulitple alleles and incomplete dominance- we did not go into details but i told you where in workbook to get information (define and examples)



*************EXTRA CREDIT**************


Pull any science related article that we have discussed in class, read and write a summary of the article. Bring article and summary to class. Must be have a source and a copy of the article. (5 pts)






You will find information for powerpoints under the "file manager tab".

You will find the weekly class activites we do under  "Class Schedule" tab

Copy of any handouts/powerpoints will be under the "forms" or "file manager" tab