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Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

Welcome back!! If you are a student or parent new to my class, I would like to extend my greetings to you as your 8th Grade science teacher. I am very excited about this school year, and I have planned many learning experiences for your child that are both engaging and academically satisfying. We work hard, and we enjoy the process of unlocking the secrets of science.


How to Access LearnSmart


  1. Pay attention to your choice of web browser. I don't know what versions of each we have at school, but Internet Explorer caused us some problems and Mozilla Firefox seemed to work pretty well.
  2. Go to
  3. Each student should have a username and password. The username is "DCS" followed by their MSIS number (lunch number). In the lab Friday, each student used a temporary password to get in and then should have been able to choose a new password for themselves. All usernames and passwords are CASE SENSITIVE. For example, if "DCS" in the username is not capitalized, it will not work. ***We will be in the lab again Monday, so I will try to iron out any password problems then. If your child wants to use the book website this weekend and has password problems, I can also send a new temporary password via this school email address. 
  4. Click on the picture of the textbook (the "Owl"). 
  5. Click the "Menu" at the upper left. Choose "Resources", then select the "Keyword Search" tab in the middle. Find "LearnSmart" on the list of resources and click to open it. Click the picture of the textbook (the "Owl"). 
  6. If you get to the "white screen" of LearnSmart, click your class period, then "cancel" if it asks for a nick name. You should have two tabs at the top: Assignments and Self Study. At home, each student should feel free to Self Study. The Assignment listed as Due August 21 is what I want every student to complete Monday in the computer lab. 
  7. *** Any time a student uses Self Study, they should be able to toggle back and forth between 2 modes: Read and Practice. These icons will appear in the lower left corner of whatever they're working on. READ allows them to, obviously, read parts of the textbook. When they feel comfortable, clicking PRACTICE will allow the program to ask them questions to test their comprehension. 



Our unit is Reproduction of Organisms!

Here is a set of Quizlet flashcards based on the vocabulary for this unit.

Here is a Kahoot game based on this unit!



Extra Credit: S.E.C. ("Science Extra Credit")

Every Friday I accept write-ups on science-related articles. Students are free to choose an article to read (like a current events story on a news site), but they must be science related. In addition, each week I provide an option they can use. Students are expected to write one full page on the article, with three paragraphs:

  • a paragraph for Summarizing the important information from the article,
  • one for Evaluating the article (the student's opinion of it),
  • and one for Connecting the article to something else (life, what we're studying in class, another subject).

S.E.C.  article ideas:



 Welcome to Theatre I!

Chapter 2 Quizlet:


For information on Class Activities, visit the Class Schedule page.