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Mitosis Websites
Mitosis vs. Meiosis

Click here to compare Mitosis phases and Meiosis phases!

Cells Alive

You can look at a mitosis animation and click on meiosis on the left hand side.  Also, watch cells divide in real time on the Cell Cam.

Cell Division

Look at real pictures undergoing cell division.


LabBench Activity

See if you can identify each phase. Click on the phase to see if you are correct!!

Phases of Mitosis - SlideShare

Click on the right arrow to go to the next page. Answer the quiz questions on paper.

Fun Science Gallery

Look at mitosis in the root tips of onion and garlic.

Meiosis Websites
About Kids Health

Drag the cursor across to watch the different phases take place.

McGraw Hill

Watch an animated video of the stages of meiosis.

Mitosis & Meiosis Quiz

Take this quiz and show me your score. Good Luck!!!!


Use these flash cards to help you learn meiosis and mitosis terms!

Meiosis Quiz

Test your Meiosis knowledge!

Common Core
Science & Technical Subjects

Common Core Info

Mississippi Dept of Education Common Core Information

Fun Science Links
Science of Everyday Life

Click here to travel through time, see virtual labs, meet young scientists, and much more!


Explore the wonders of science!


Explore interesting topics such as, visiting a lollipop factory, making currents out of dill pickles, and lightning in your mouth!