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Book Fair!
Scholastic Book Fair

Longitude and Latitude Video/Songs
Latitude and Longitude - One Direction Parody

Very Catchy!

Latitude and Longitude (to the tune of "When We Get Together")

The students seemed to like this one better than the One Direciton Parody. Who knew?? ;)

Constitution Games
Bill of Rights Match

This is a fun interactive way for students to check, not only, their understanding of what an Amendment means, but also gives them practice at knowing which number goes with which Amendment. Enjoy! :)

Branches of Government Game

Here is a game for students to play that will help them practice which job goes with which branch of government.

Junior Scholastic
Junior Scholastic

Here is the password for this site: TButler2014


Students can read the entire magazine online. They also have access to games and videos. Enjoy!

Learn360 Videos

An introductory video clip about the Earth.

Eastern Hemisphere
Fertile Crescent/Mesopotamia Rap

Here is the rap for you to learn.

Earth's Layers/Spheres
Continental Drift Theory

Continental Drift

Location of Earth's Tectonic Plates

The Interior of the Earth and Its Core

Formation of Earth's Core

Science World
Science World Magazine

Here is the password for this site: Jaguars30


Students can read the entire magazine online! They can also play games and watch videos. Enjoy!

Current Event Skills Sheets for Nov 17-21

November 17-21: Skills sheets for this week's current event.

***We are using the October 6 edition of this magazine this week.***

Science Videos
Cell Rap

The students LOVE this rap song that helps them learn the organelles of a cell.


Cell Rap from Teacher Tube

Here is another link just in case the one from youtube doesn't work.


Another Cell Rap with Lyrics

I found this one too. It's a little different but it still tells them the organelles and their functions.

Cells Song to the beat of OneRepublic's Counting Stars Song

This a good one too!!

Flocabulary - Moon Phases