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Study Guides(Archived)
Chapter 1 Study Guide
Due Date: 8/19/2016
Subject: 8th Grade Math

Middle School Math – 8th Grade

Get ready! Below is a way to help you prepare for the upcoming chapter assessment. There are three main pieces to assist you in studying.

1.     Review your notes from the “Major Problems in Lesson” column. These are the primary focus of our lessons in class and the assessment items will reflect these ideas.

2.     If you need a refresher on how to solve some of the problems, you may click on the link and watch a short video.

3.     This is the math skill we focused on in our lesson. To get ready for your test you may want to practice some similar problems by clicking the links.

Chapter 1

Major Problems in Lesson

Teaching Videos

Focus Skill for Lesson


Classwork: classifying numbers


Classifying numbers


Classwork: inequality symbols


Inequality symbols


Classwork: Integer operations


Integer operations


1-9, 1-10


Tile patterns

1.1.4 Day 1

1-24, 1-25


Function tables

1.1.4 Day 2

1-26, 1-27, 1-28


Function tables


1-41, 1-42, 1-43


Tables and Unit Rates


1-53, 1-56

Giant One

Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators:


Multiplying with a Giant One:


Solving One-step Equations