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Vocabulary - 7th Grade Language Arts View previous assignments
Due Date: 2/9/2018
Subject: 7th Grade Language Arts

Vocabulary Words - Week of 2/5/18


1. Escalated - to increase in extent, volume, number,

amount, intensity, or scope

2. Militarism - a policy of aggressive military preparedness

3. Explicitly - leaving no question as to meaning or intent

4. Resonate - to produce or exhibit

5. Mimicking - to imitate closely, to ridicule by imitation

6. Induction - to install; to admit as a member

7. Prophesize - to make a prediction

8. Coagulating - to become thickened; to gather together

or form into a mass or group

9. Contemplating - to ponder; to think deeply

10. Integration - to incorporate