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Due Date: 10/22/2018
Subject: 8th Grade Science

1.    Find (look up) 3 Plants AND 3 animals

2.     Write a brief description of each of the 6 organisms on different pages

      scientific name and common name,

      the biome it would be found,

      what it eats as food source, and what its predator is.


In your description, you will need to explain the adaptation (behavioral, structural, physiological, color, or reproductive) your organism has, and how it helps the species to survive in the biome in which it lives.


Your description paragraph needs to be 5-8 well-written sentences.



THIS PART due Wed 17th.


You will need a regular size poster board (don’t care about color)

          •Divide poster into 6 parts


Box info for each Species

      Common Name

      Scientific Name


      Type of adaptation


On the back of poster board, glue the paragraph that corresponds to the front boxes.


•Whole Project DUE DATE Oct. 22nd


For extra 10 points whole project may be turned in Monday 15th and

For 5 extra points may be turned in Friday 19th.