Weekly Class News:

-Please check PowerSchool so you are not surprised by any grades.

Weekly School News:

January 19th- Pep Rally

January 18th- Southaven @ DC (basketball)

(7th girls start @5, students that sign clipboard will get +5 point for attending- I will have the clipboard at the ticket table)

January 25th- Food Web Mini Project Due


Mrs. McMurphy's Science Class


Parents and Students please make sure you have a 5 subject notebook for science (like the one pictured above-the color doesn't matter).  The only supplies that Science asked for was index cards.  All of my Science classes will need and use this notebook as their Science Interactive notebook.


Science Class Reminders:

-Weekly Science lessons are posted on Schoology. Quizzes and Test are also posted in the daily folder for that week.  This is a great way to not fall behind.

-If you miss any assignments, it is your responsibility to get your work made up.

-All students carry their Science workbook in his/her backpack.  Interactive notebooks (spiral) WILL NOW also be kept in his/her backpack . This way all students are responsible for their own folders.

-Weekly bell work that is unfinished will be assigned for homework and needs to be completed by Friday. This is a classwork grade.

-All grades are posted and up to date on PowerSchool weekly. If you see where your child has a "1" recorded for an assignment, this means I have not received their work. It can be turned in for credit. 

7thGrade Bell Schedule:


7:40- 7:50            Doors Open/ Students Report to gym (right side)


7:50- 8:00            Student’s Report to 1st period class


8:00- 8:58            1st period/ break


9:02- 9:50            2nd period


9:54- 10:42          3rd period


10:46-12:08         4th period/ lunches


                                (A lunch 11:06- 11:32 / B Lunch 11:34- 12:00)


12:12- 1:00          5th period


1:04- 1:52            6th period


1:56- 2:44            7th period


2:48- 3:35            8th period