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Holly Furnish

8th Grade Math & Acc. Math

H Peavey


My name is Holly Peavey. I have 2 little boys, Connor and Bennett. I graduated from Olive Branch High School in 2006 and Mississippi State University in 2010! This will be my 11th year teaching and my 10th year at DCMS. I love all things Mississippi State, especially Mississippi State football!! GO DAWGS!!!!!


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What web browser is best for accessing Office365?

FYI....As we have assisted parents, students, & teacher who are assisting students, we have discovered that Chrome gives the user the best experience. Most people who are having issues with Edge have the old Edge. Once they get the one that looks like a "Tide Pod" they are good. 

Mac users should not use Safari, and on operating systems Sierra & older, the Teams app may need to be downloaded from because they can't get to the Teams page in their email to download the app from there.  

Instructions for accessing your Pearson Ebook online for Math Assigments

How to Login to your Student Email Account

Make sure you are using your complete email address for your user ID when you login. If you have issues logging in, and you submit a help ticket, identify the issue as "Password issues" and "Account type - Email/Office365".  Otherwise your ticket will be delayed for going to the wrong dept.