Jennifer D Morris

8th Grade Science

Communication is KEY!

Students' main form of communication will occur through schoology & email, but remind will still be utilized for quick information and reminders.

The Remind feed is also located below

Parent Remind:

@dcmorris8 to 81010

Student Remind:

@dcscistud8 to 81010

Save the number to your contacts as 8th science reminds for easy access or get the APP

Parent Communication:

Email, School Status, & Schoology

Please make sure all contact information is up to date


Week at a Glance:

This week you will be working on several assignments:

1. Sign up for REMIND (see above for info) BOTH parents and students

2. Get school supplies: SPIRAL & zipper pouch supplies

3. Sign forms:

A. Student handbook form

B. Class syllabus

C. Classroom Contract

4. Learn schoology & complete SCAVENGER HUNT

A. Do the daily BELLWORK

5. Complete Student Information Card-Mon BW

6. Complete EXIT TICKETS on handbook for Tuesday and Wednesday

Jennifer  D  Morris


Please take the time each week to check my website for updated or important information & links to valuable resources! Schoology will be a vital part for getting and completing all your schoolwork for both online and traditional students.

Students need their workbook, spiral, and zipper pouch with all their personal supplies every day for class.  Please check my remind at the bottom for important testing dates, class topics, and homework for each week.  I only give out copies of assignments once, but if you need a second copy or you were absent, please check under PowerPoints & handouts.

For information about the future Science Club I sponsor, click the blue link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the Contact link above. 

Parent Portal allows you to look in my grade book at any time for your child's grades! Contact counselors to sign up today! Or schoology will have grades posted too.

Sign up for the Remind to receive important updates like the ones below. Just text @sci8morris to 81010 to sign up or download the free app below. 


  • 40% Test Grades (Usually 2 to 3 per 9 weeks)
  • 35% Class work/Quizzes (a minimum of 1 per weeks)
  • 15% Homework (I don't have many HW grades so this % can affects grades if there is a 0)
  • 10% - 9 Weeks Test or project/Semester Exams

Remind Feed:

cell parts lab

Cell Function Lab

Use Student code: 

Science Supplies Needed

1- 5 subject MEAD spiral with plastic cover (any color)

Pencils/pens (you should have your own every day-it will be NEEDED DAILY!!)

Zipper pouch-scissors, colored pencils, liquid glue

(to be donated to the class for general use/lab activities)

**Extra 5 subject spirals

**Hand sanitizer


Clorox wipes

Pencil top erasers

pencils (wooden or mechanical)

pencel lead (.5 or .7mm)

Index cards

**Colored copy paper

Colored Card stock


Glue sticks/Glue Bottles

Ziplock bags (all sizes)

Other supplies may be added as needed…

Downloadable Units

Waves: Sound & Light P.8.6.1-8

Additional Links: