class schedule

8:10 - 9:05 1st Period

9:10 - 9:55  2nd Period

10:00 - 11:20 3rd Period

10:20 - 10:40 1st Lunch

10:45 - 11:05 2nd Lunch

11:25 - 12:10 4th Period

12:15 - 1:00 5th Period

1:05 - 1:50 6th Period

1:55 - 2:40 7th Period

2:45 - 3:30 8th Period

Home of the JAGUARS!

Home of the Jaguars -DCMS

Clickto watch a video on Classroom Rules and Expectations!  I can't wait to meet you! 

This year is going to be an AMAZING Adventure!

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My Children & Me

My Children & Me in Asheville, 

North Carolina

Gary and Me

Gary & I love going to concerts...

Dave Matthews Concert at the Wharf

Gary and Me

Gary & I enjoy deep-sea fishing....

Cabo, Mexico

Jaguar and Me

Been a Jaguar for a long time...

My BIO Poem- Just a small glimpse of what makes "ME" me


Mom to Four (2 boys & 2 girls), Fiance to Gary Owen, First Born Daughter of 3 Girls, Middle School Teacher to Amazing Children.... 

Who enjoys lazy, summer days, boating, fishing, and the ocean, spending time with those that I love doing whatever, & watching all children learn new and exciting things ...

Who loves watching my CHILDREN grow up and do what they love, Gary, the MS State Bulldogsthe Chicago Cubs, scrumptious seafood and sushi...

Who likes Diet Dr. Peppers, Sweet and Salty Snacks, the colors Green, Pink, & Red, and Traveling, Road Trips, & Adventures....

Who feels happy when surrounded by those that I love, stressed by the sounds of alarms and sirens, & thankful and blessed for many reasons....


InQuiSiTiVe MINDS- Get ready to ReSeArCh, AdVeNtUrE, LEARN, & ExPLORE!


I am so happy that we get to spend it together!

Check out the Smithsonian by visiting this site:

The Smithsonian Institution is the world's largest museum, education and research complex. You can explore and learn online by visiting this educational website.

Enjoy, and LEARNsomething NEW everyday!

Have you ever wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone is on my Bucket List!

Check out the Smithsonian Spotlight section on Yellowstone.


Arts and Culture

Check out:   The National Gallery of Art Museum in Washington, D.C.





Supply List for Spotlight

***Each Student may bring their own Spotlight Supplies to keep in our classroom.***

***I purchased a supply bag for each student to keep in our classroom.***

**Each student will need a spring link to hang their supply bag.  I have purchased some, but you can find them at   Wal-Mart for 86 cents.**

Please send a composition notebook for Spotlight and a folder with prongs and pockets. We will need this ASAP!

Students ARE ALLOWED to bring their own technology to use in class,but I will NOT be responsible for their technology. It will be their responsibility!

Thanks so much!

We are going to have an AMAZING year together!


Clorox/Disinfectant Wipes   

Hand Sanitizer

Lysol Spray....Really Needing this :)

SHARPIES  or Mr. Sketch Markers

Hot Glue sticks (both regular and mini)

Box of Crayons, Markers, or Colored Pencils

Glade Plug-ins

Candy to be used as Individual Treats

Each student may want to bring their own paint brush to use in class.


We are a Team!

IF YOU CAN DONATE ANYTHING, it WOULD be greatly appreciated.

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask.


Helpful Links:

More Useful Website Links:

Technology Help Site:

Student and Parent Sign In for Power School

Excuse Notes for Absences can be found at this link.

Important Dates-

2020-2021 Nine Weeks Ending Dates and Report Card Dates are as follows:


The end of our First Nine Weeks is Friday, October 9th, 2020, and report cards will be sent home  October 15th, 2020.


The end of our Second Nine Weeks is Friday, December 18, and report cards will be sent home on January 7th, 2021. 


The end of our Third Nine Weeks is Friday, March 12th, and report cards will be sent home on March 25th, 2021.


The end of our Final/Fourth Nine Weeks is Tuesday, May 25th, 2021.

Final report cards will be mailed.