Melissa Johnson

8th Grade Math


Welcome to Our Class!


Welcome to 8th grade math! I'm excited to be your teacher!

This year we will be using Microsoft OneNote to house all of our class notes, and bell work. Please make sure you have your student device and a scientific calculator (TI-30XIIS).

Instructions for accessing your Pearson Ebook online for Math Assignments

How to Login to your Student Email Account

Make sure you are using your complete email address for your user ID when you login. If you have issues logging in, and you submit a help ticket, identify the issue as "Password issues" and "Account type - Email/Office365".  Otherwise your ticket will be delayed for going to the wrong dept.

About the Teacher

Education and Experience:

 Texas A&M University (2006-2010)

 Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
 Minors in Mathematics in Chemistry

 12 years in the oil industry as a process engineer and optimization engineer



 Mathematics (5-12)

 Chemistry (5-12)


Personal Info:

 My wonderful husband and I have 4 children: Haley (6th), Alex (3rd), Lily (~3 years), and Oakley (~1 year). We're definitely busy, so we have no pets at the present time! :P

 I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2010 with my bachelor of science in chemical engineering with a minor in mathematics and chemistry. I moved to north Mississippi after college to work for an oil refinery in Memphis as a process engineer. The last few years, I felt an undeniable calling to teach, so I went back to school to get my teacher's license.

 The '22-'23 school year will be my first year teaching, and I hope to ignite a love for mathematics in students and to inspire them to consider challenging careers involving science, technology, engineering, or mathematics.