Shelby Turman

7th Grade Math & 8th Grade Acc. Math

Shelby Turman

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Welcome to Ms. Turman's 7th Grade and 8th Grade Mathematics Class!



A little bit about me!

   My name is Shelby Turman and this is my third year teaching compacted 7th grade math and my very first year teaching accelerated 8th grade math at DeSoto Central Middle School. I chose mathematics because I once struggled with math when I was in middle school and even in high school and I know what it feels like to not understand something that is being shown and taught to me. I had amazing teachers throughout my middle school and high school days that refused to give up on me and that is why I am where I am today. I hope that while I am part of the DeSoto Central Middle School team that I can change even one student who may struggle with math and help them realize that it can be fun. I am very excited to pass my knowledge to my peers and my future and present students!


I will NOT be using Remind this year. I will be sending all needed updates through SchoolStatus. If you need to contact me please click the 'contact' button above and it will take you directly to my email OR you can text me through SchoolStatus.

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