Stacy Harrison



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I have added speech and language resources (links) to my website!  You can access them below.  Please email me if you have specific questions regarding your child.

April 28, 2022


I am in my 22nd year as an SLP, with this being my first year at DCHS/DCMS (previous 12 at PHES).  I received my MS degree in Communicative Disorders from Ole Miss, and my BS (Speech Pathology) and EdS (Administration and Supervision) degrees from Delta State.  I am currently an ABD in Educational Leadership - researching and writing a dissertation on the necessity of mandatory Kindergarten and preschool.  In my 22 years as an SLP, I have provided a wide-range of services from birth - geriatrics in varied settings, including Early Intervention, outpatient clinics, rehab units, ICUs, home health, geri-psych wards, and nursing homes.  These services range from articulation to swallowing.  Language (delays, disorders) is my passion, and I enjoy witnessing my students/clients "get it."


We have 4 boys, ranging in age from 8-19, all of whom attend(ed) Desoto Central/PHES.  Our oldest is now a pre-law student at Vanderbilt University.  We have lived in Hernando for nearly 17 years, after moving from Southaven.  We enjoy traveling and food!