Mrs. Melissa West

8th Grade Math


Vocabulary Practice



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This course is designed to prepare students for rigorous college preparatory high school mathematics courses. There is a wide variety of skills covered so it is imperative that students are focused and striving for excellence daily!

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Represent a linear function with a graph, table, rule, or context and create any representation when provided one of the others.
  • Solve systems of equations by using tables and graphs.
  • Symbolically manipulate expressions to solve problems including those with fractional coefficients.
  • Solve contextual word problems using multiple strategies, including making tables, looking for patterns, drawing diagrams, and creating a table of guesses to assist with writing and solving a variable equation.
  • Describe various geometric transformations on a coordinate grid.
  •  Represent data using scatter plots and describe associations.
     Collect and analyze data and make predictions based on the trend of the data.
  •  Compare ratios and calculate unit rates and slope ratios.
  •  Analyze the slope of a line graphically, numerically, and contextually.
  •  Recognize and solve problems involving proportional relationships.
  •  Graph and analyze non-linear functions.
  •  Recognize and use the properties of similar figures to solve problems.
  •  Use the Pythagorean Theorem and its converse to solve problems in two and three dimensions.
  •  Use square roots and cube roots.
  •  Represent and simplify expressions using positive and negative exponents.
  •  Represent and compare large and small numbers using standard and scientific notation.
  •  Perform operations with numbers represented in scientific notation.
  •  Use the relationships between angles created by parallel lines with transversal and the Triangle Angle Sum Theorem to solve problems.
  •  Compute the volume of a variety of circular solids.

      Let's have a great year!!!

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About the Teacher

I decided in 2nd grade that I wanted to be a teacher, and during 4th grade I knew I wanted to teach Math. I enjoy traveling, learning other languages/cultures, and animals (especially ducks, llamas, goats, and otters). I got married in 2018, and then moved to Desoto County.

I graduated from Mendenhall High School.
I then attended William Carey University where I received my Bachelor's in Mathematics with a minor in Education, and two years later I received my Master's in Mathematics Education while teaching full time.

This is my eighth year of teaching Mathematics! I have taught 6th - 12th grades and am so excited to be back with 8th graders.
This is my third year in Desoto County. I taught two years in Simpson County, two years in Copiah County, and one year at an international school in Nicaragua in between.